Multi-Agent System Related Sites

In semanticweb on November 11, 2004 at 12:48 AM

1. Non Commerial Uses
University of Maryland Baltimore County Agent Web
AgentLink III is the new European Co-ordination Action for Agent Based Computing, a network of researchers and developers with a common interest in agent technology. Launched on 1st January 2004, it follows on from AgentLink II , and will continue to provide resources and information on Agent-Based research across Europe.
JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) is a software framework fully implemented in Java language. It simplifies the implementation of multi-agent systems through a middle-ware that complies with the FIPA specifications and through a set of graphical tools that supports the debugging and deployment phases.
Aglets is a Java mobile agent platform and library that eases the delopment of agent based applications. An aglet is a Java agent able to autonomously and spountanously move from one host to another.

2. Commerial Uses
AOS’s flagship product, JACK™, provides the tools required to develop autonomous software systems that are both goal-directed and reactive. Commercially deployed worldwide, JACK-based systems are built from distributed reasoning entities that cooperate to achieve their goals.


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