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1. Non Commerial Uses
the first site on the Semantic Web
Sesame is an open source Java framework for storing, querying and reasoning with RDF and RDF Schema.
Protégé is an ontology editor and a knowledge-base editor.
Jena is a Java framework for building Semantic Web applications. It provides a programmatic environment for RDF, RDFS and OWL, including a rule-based inference engine.
Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments
DSpace is a groundbreaking digital library system that captures, stores, indexes, preserves and redistributes the intellectual output of a university’s research faculty in digital formats.
The Kowari MetastoreTM is an Open Source, massively scalable, transaction-safe, purpose-built database for the storage and retrieval of metadata.
4Suite is a platform for XML processing and knowledge-management. It allows users to take advantage of standard XML technologies rapidly and to develop and integrate Web-based applications.
KAON is an open-source ontology management infrastructure targeted for business applications. It includes a comprehensive tool suite allowing easy ontology creation and management, as well as building ontology-based applications.
Redland is a set of free software packages that provide support for the Resource Description Framework (RDF).
Swish is a framework, written in the purely functional programming language Haskell, for performing deductions in RDF data using a variety of techniques. Swish is conceived as a toolkit for experimenting with RDF inference, and for implementing stand-alone RDF file processors (usable in similar style to CWM, but with a view to being extensible in declarative style through added Haskell function and data value declarations). It explores Haskell as “a scripting language for the Semantic Web”.
Cwm is a general-purpose data processor for the semantic web, somewhat like sed, awk, etc. for text files or XSLT for XML. It is a forward chaining reasoner which can be used for querying, checking, transforming and filtering information. Its core language is RDF, extended to include rules, and it uses RDF/XML or RDF/N3 (see Notation3 Primer) serializations as required.

KIM is a software platform for:

  • Semantic annotation of text.
    At more length: automatic ontology population and open-domain dynamic semantic annotation of unstructured and semi-structured content for Semantic Web and KM applications.
  • Indexing and retrieval (an IE-enhanced search technology).
  • Query and exploration of formal knowledge.

2. Commerial Uses

With Tucana Information Management Suite at the core of your Enterprise Information Integration (EII) strategy you bring all the power of enterprise knowledge together and put it in the hands of your engineers, scientists, bankers, salespeople or managers.
Siderean’s flagship product, Seamark Server, is a faceted navigation platform that delivers an effective and economical standards-based solution that dramatically improves information access across distributed repositories of content, data, software components and digital assets in the enterprise.

AutoFocus helps you to search and find information on your PC, network disks, mail boxes, websites and enterprise information sources.


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