The Evalution of Semantic Web Portal

In semanticweb on 11月 3, 2004 at 9:57 上午

Semantic Web Portals � State of the Art Survey
Holger Lausen, Michael Stollberg,
Rubén Lara Hernández, Ying Ding, Sung-Kook Han,
Dieter Fensel
DERI Technical Report 2004-04-03

Semantic Web Portal的定义:
1. It is a web portal. A web portal is a web site that collects information for a group of users that have common interests
2. It is a web portal for a community to share and exchange information
3. It is a web portal based on semantic web technologies.

文中分三层评估SW Portal:
1. Grounding Technologies
2. Information Processing
3. Information Access

其中Grounding Technologies又分为两层,分别是System Technology(包括数据库系统,文档存储管理等)和Semantic Web Technology(ontology表示和存储等,会牵涉到System Technology)
Information Processing主要包括工作流管理(文档的创建,发布,组织,访问和维护)和协同合作(同步和异步的协作)(其中还区分了group和community的不同,cool)
Information Access包括实用性和综合评价两部分,感觉没有什么有用信息在里面

最后对4个SW Portal进行了比较评估,结果如下表所示:

The Evalution Result of SW Portal


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