In other on 10月 31, 2004 at 1:59 下午

昨天review了一下Tanenbaum的Computer Network关于IP包的fragmentation的部分,再次看到了热力学第二定律这个东东,前一次是在英语书里Unit 2的C.P. Snow的Two Cultures里面看到的.怀疑这个the second law of thermodynamics是不是在外国就是跟加减法一样人人都知道的,为什么我想了半天也想不起来是什么,中学白学了都.赶紧去Microsoft Encarta查了一下(google搜了半天没搜出想要的精确的定义),The law states that the entropy―that is, the disorder―of an isolated system can never decrease.

混乱度总是增加的,在fragmentation这节里面写道,However, as every parent of a small child knows, converting a large object into small fragments is considerably easier than the reverse process.(Physicists have even given this effect a name: the second law of thermodynamics).^_^,满有幽默感的还,原来怎么没发现


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