Goodbye ink

In learning, other on August 20, 2006 at 9:48 AM


Good bye ink

With the advent of the Internet era, computers play a more and more important role in our life. Increasingly more information is delivered through the Internet rather than the traditional ink-based media, such as newspaper and books. In my humble opinion, the daily newspaper and books will be vanishing away, sooner than you think.
In such an information-exploded world, newspaper could not keep pace with the change of things. The zippergate scandal of Bill Clinton was unveiled by an unknown blogger, and the 9/11 attacks was mainly reported through thousands of sites in the Web. People are accustomed to acquire the latest news from their favourite websites rather than the newspaper they subscribed. Power has moved from the old elite to bloggers.
In the same era, more books are digitized. What are the advantages of digital books? Let me count the ways. I don’t have to decide what to take on holiday to read; I just take my whole library. Colour is free: it costs no more to produce a colour book than a black and white one. Publishing costs are really low, and amateurs can publish books just as easily as publishers can. Small language groups can afford to keep their literature available. There’s no need to go on. Although real books smell nice, it’s inevitable that they will be eliminated in the near future.
To sum up, our generation will finally witness the demise of these traditional media. It is with a mixture of great sorrow and joy, in the same time, it is signiture of social progress and is unavoidable to happen.


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