DriverManagerDataSource in Spring Framework

In programming on January 29, 2005 at 3:38 PM

DriverManagerDataSource in Spring Framework

javax.sql Interface DataSource


Implementation of SmartDataSource that configures a plain old JDBC Driver via bean properties, and returns a new Connection every time.

Useful for test or standalone environments outside of a J2EE container, either as a DataSource bean in a respective ApplicationContext, or in conjunction with a simple JNDI environment. Pool-assuming Connection.close() calls will simply close the connection, so any DataSource-aware persistence code should work.

In a J2EE container, it is recommended to use a JNDI DataSource provided by the container. Such a DataSource can be exported as a DataSource bean in an ApplicationContext via JndiObjectFactoryBean, for seamless switching to and from a local DataSource bean like this class.

If you need a “real” connection pool outside of a J2EE container, consider Apache’s Jakarta Commons DBCP. Its BasicDataSource is a full connection pool bean, supporting the same basic properties as this class plus specific settings. It can be used as a replacement for an instance of this class just by changing the class name of the bean definition to “org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource”.


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