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Lucene In Action At Amazon

by Erik Hatcher, Otis Gospodnetic

Lucene in Action

Lucene is a gem in the open-source world–a highly scalable, fast search engine. It delivers performance and is disarmingly easy to use. Lucene in Action is the authoritative guide to Lucene. It describes how to index your data, including types you definitely need to know such as MS Word, PDF, HTML, and XML. It introduces you to searching, sorting, filtering, and highlighting search results. Lucene powers search in surprising places–in discussion groups at Fortune 100 companies, in commercial issue trackers, in email search from Microsoft, in the Nutch web search engine (that scales to billions of pages). It is used by diverse companies including Akamai, Overture, Technorati, HotJobs, Epiphany, FedEx, Mayo Clinic, MIT, New Scientist Magazine, and many others. Adding search to your application can be easy. With many reusable examples and good advice on best practices, Lucene in Action shows you how.

What’s Inside

  • How to integrate Lucene into your applications
  • Ready-to-use framework for rich document handling
  • Case studies including Nutch, TheServerSide, jGuru, etc.
  • Lucene ports to Perl, Python, C#/.Net, and C++
  • Sorting, filtering, term vectors, multiple, and remote index searching
  • The new SpanQuery family, extending query parser, hit collecting
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • Lucene add-ons (hit highlighting, synonym lookup, and others)
  • Foreword by Doug Cutting, the inventor of Lucene


“I bought the Lucene in Action ebook, which is excellent and I can strongly recommend [it]. …Thanks to the authors for Lucene in Action, it’s given me the high level best practices I was needing.” — Steve S.


A committer on the Ant, Lucene, and Tapestry open-source projects, Erik Hatcher is coauthor of Manning’s award-winning Java Development with Ant. Otis Gospodnetić is a Lucene committer, a member of Apache Jakarta Project Management Committee, and maintainer of the jGuru’s Lucene FAQ. Both authors have published numerous technical articles including several on Lucene.

© 2005 Erik Hatcher & Otis Gospodnetić


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